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Rymar Recee of Magandaka
Sire: Gogees Designer Genes of Magandaka 
Dam: Rymar Pish Tosh B Gosh

Recee is a beauty with her jet black spotted/rosetted pattern and incredible horozontal flow.  She has a very nice head, medium rounded ears, as well as puffy whisker pads.  Recee is a big baby and loves attention. When being brushed (which is a daily issue for all the kitties here at Magandaka) she sticks her tongue out a little and just purrrs and purrrrs.  What else can one really say about such a beauty of a cat. Except one thing needs to be known, to date all of her kittens have been equally as beautiful inside and out.


Magandaka Sunshine

Sire: Gogees Designer Genes 

Dam: Jumanji Jayda of Magandaka








Sunny, one of the striking queens here at Magandaka. As you can see she has huge two-toned donut rosettes on a nice long body. Whenever folks come over to visit the cattery they cannot keep their eyes or hands off of her as she casually walks by flashing her highly glittered coat. Mind you she simply adores all the fuss and will gladly tell you as well.  Most all of her kittens share her abundance of glittered huge spotted/rosetted pattern as well as her great type and outgoing attitude on life.



New & Upcoming Queen ...
Magandaka Barbed Wire

Here is a sneak peek of this young beauty born at Magandaka Cattery. Barb is one of the Bristol line kittens out of Designer Genes and Sharda. We look forward to the time when Rio and Barb are old enough to have kitties sometime in 2003 mid summer. They should be awesome.



Rymar "Star" of Magandaka

 In this photo she is 8wks old. Star, is another Bristol line kitten joining the ranks
of Magandaka Cattery. We look forward to her contribution with this very 
exotic look.  Please check back occasionally and view her progress
as she grows into a beautiful "Bengal Cat".

Star has developed into a beautiful adult (queen) and loves
 being a momma cat here at Magandaka
Congratulations to Rio and Star on this beautiful
 litter born on Easter Sunday
All kittens start at $400.00 for pets and go up from there.  Breeder kittens 
start at $1000.00 and go up from there as well.  If you see one that you like 
and would like me to hold it, you may put a $100.00 non-refundable deposit
down until they are old enough to go to their new home. 
Payments now accepted online through paypal.  See below for
more information.


Pictures at 9 Weeks Old
Male 1


Male 2


Female 1



Female 2


New kittens have arrived

Sire: Rio and Dam: Sunshine (Sunny)
2 males and 1 female  DOB 7-26-03
      Sire: Rio and Dam: Barb Wire
4 females and 1 male  DOB: 7-16-03
Photos will be posted when these beauties are 4 weeks old, you
 won't want to miss out on these kitties.



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